Stainless Steel Grease Traps to trap fats, oils and grease. FOG  
filtratrap advantages
Lower maintenance greater efficiency compared to traditional grease traps
Traditional grease traps require high amounts of outside maintenance, as they need emptying on a regular basis. The contents of these traps are a mixture of food particles & grease. As the traps fills with these contaminants the discharge water quality diminishes. ClearFlow GTB Grease Traps however, can be self maintained, as the vast majority of the traps contents (solidified grease and food particles) are removed by the filtration basket. The remaining filtered surface oil & fat can then be simply removed manually with a jug, and be disposed of in the sites waste oil receptacles. The result is a continuous higher quality water discharge.

Stainless Steel Built To Last
ClearFlow GTB Grease Traps are manufactured from high grade rust free stainless steel. Unlike plastics and epoxy painted mild steel, our 304 graded stainless steel is highly resilient and will not crack, distort or leak. 304 graded stainless steel is resilient to extreme high and low water temperatures discharged from commercial sinks & dishwashers.

Our units are strong enough to take the daily knocks & scrapes of a commercial kitchen environment and are fitted with a removable 304 grade stainless steel filter, which is chemical resistant and will not tear with sharp objects such as broken glass & cutlery. 

Enzyme Dosing
Enzymes systems are expensive and only effective when dosed into grease traps, and can be employed in conjunction with our GTB range. However be aware of claims that enzymes will fully consume grease. Adding hot soapy water can be just as effective!

Sensible Sizing
GTB Grease Traps are sensibly sized for maximum grease retention time. Retention time is the time which grease will rise to the surface, this can only be achieved by adequate sizing. Installing a undersized grease trap will not allow grease time to rise & settle, and may all so result in building inspectors rejecting the trap.

Easy Inspection
An open out-let chamber ensures the operator & water company inspector can at all times visibly see the outlet water quality.

Easy installation
GTB Grease Traps are delivered fully assembled and couldn’t be easier to install. Just connect the pipe run from the sinks and dishwasher to the Grease Trap inlet. Then pipe the Grease trap outlet directly to drain.

filtra trap photos
Grease Traps made from Stainless Steel
Grease Traps made from Stainless Steel
Grease Traps made from Stainless Steel
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